“Folly” Kiosk

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competition entry with: ROHWAREIMSTUDIO


Folly is an English term in gardening for an unusual ornamental structure. Literally translated, it means “little folly” or “foolishness”. It is usually characterised by an extravagance coupled with a certain purposelessness. The new building on Bürkliplatz is not purposeless, but it is in a certain way functionless, since it has its raison d’être as a weather-protecting shelter and urban planning offer to a broad public even without the kiosk operation.

Anyone strolling across Bürkliplatz today quickly notices how important the existing kiosk is for this place. It gives the square a quality of stay and offers a low-threshold service that is accessible to all. An evening beer brings people together. This original idea of public space is the starting point for the design.

A circumferential bar and a wide roof form a spatial structure that invites people to linger. Shelter, protection and shade can be found here even outside opening hours. This also gives the kiosk an all-round feel, even though the bar is oriented towards the square. The volume set under the flying roof separates into two bodies. At the level of Lochmannstrasse, this creates an access situation that leads through the building and connects the townhouse complex and the square in front of the Geiser fountain. The cut edges are given a differentiated materiality and reflect the surroundings. A skylight illuminates this passage.

site plan
west elevation
north elevation
south elevation