competition entry with:

Franz Bittenbinder, Bogdan Shevchenko, Fabian Egle

The competition

In the centre of Milan, located next to the famous Duomo, is the Museo del novecento a the place to be for all admirers for Art of the twentieth century. But it is in Dire need for a wake-up into the twenty-first century. The competition novecento pìu cento asked architects for a solution.

The Project

The Horizon places the public at the forefront of the project, in both a metaphorical and literal sense. This structure is more than a link: it is a platform that will allow a functional variety integrated into the museum sphere, as well as a spatial flexibility worthy of a contemporary institution. The aim is to enhance the pre-existing, in an architectural and artistic sense, completing it with new elements that reveal its potential. By embracing the current complex, the Horizon intends to give the historic buildings even more visibility and strength.

The new and the existing

The intervention is conceived with a respectful approach to the pre-existing building, with a focus on history and also for the most recent changes. The most significant original surviving elements reported by the Superintendency have been maintained and enhanced. The intervention also enters into constructive dialogue with the intervention of the architect Italo Rota, reusing the ramp and respecting his museum concept. The novelty element consists of two elements that are joined by an undulating front: The first element is the Horizon, which becomes a large multifunctional space. The second is the extension of the Manica Lunga, which responds to the potential represented by the extremely long surface of the side of the historic building. Instead of offering an open space, the intervention here focuses on consolidating the narrow proportions of the Sala delle Colonne. This will give life to a new, airy and well-lit space, ideal for example for exhibiting sculptures. In order to articulate a recognizable aesthetic and design identity of the new without however obliterating the historical elevations, the intervention will take care to limit itself to specific anchors and targeted interventions on the existing masonry.