Plastic Monument

youngarchitectscompetitions 2019 Plastic Monument 2nd Prize with Bogdan Shevchenko

Our Planet is considered as the blue Planet, the oceans move it bring millions forms of life and are home for all of us. It is difficult for many of us, who lives on in cities to imagine what is happening in the heart of our planet. Our idea is to bring the ocean in our cities and show everyone the modern underwater Atlantis in our familiar environment. As if you look through a water column, we will be able to see what our ocean is today and how our children could see it if we do not solve the problem of plastic now. We extract a part of the ocean and put it in the hearts of our cities, so that we can observe through the water column how unusual and beautiful life of a blue planet without plastic can be, and how monstrous it will be if garbage wins. We have to see what happens out there. We have to find ideas how we can solve the real problems in this world. Wake up Atlantis before it’s too late!

To create a shape of water we use solid epoxy blocks. A wave of plastic trash frozen in epoxy takes shape in movable walls. Nearly transparent or colored in blue green brown they can be placed in every location and provide incomparable views. The weightless appearance of the Plastic inside the Monument shows the problem that normally seems unseen in the wide ocean and our society. One Element measures 4 x 8 meters and has a thickness of 0,8 meters. The construction can be produced with big number of repetitions. It could be devided in smaler parts, so that we can replace it and rearrange it in every other place in every other town on the planet. Due to its weight, the design is very stable, epoxy is also hard to damage, but in that case it could be easy restored.

Part of the Ocean brought to the people
Plastic waste in the Ocean
Plastic Monument
Atlantis today in Bologna