Open Call Het Nieuwe Instituut together with Luca Capacci

Our idea is to link the three pavilions with a simple, removable construction of wood and translucent textile. We call it the “Pier”. The “Pier” is a linear wooden structure in front of the pavilions which conveys the picture of one “Big Pavilion”. The back wall is made of translucent textile, through which the visitors can get a glimpse of the three pavilions and at the vegetation behind. The front is oriented towards the Park and is open and accessible.

The Pier is located on the gravel walk in front of the pavilions, which remain accessible together with the toilets from the it.

The Pier will hold a lot of possibilities. It can be used as a great foyer for the pavilions, as if they were different rooms of one big building, connected by a long corridor, like an allegory of Europe itself.

The new space created by the Pier can become the place to hold receptions or hosting guests for an aperitif. Given its prominent position close to the entrance of the Biennale, in our view the Pier should work as a stage and public space for theaters or artist to perform.

Moreover, it will work also as video projection screen.

On both ends, the very last units of the Pier will be covered with translucent textile on three sides, as to indicate the limits of the structure. At night, they will be illuminated to let the new space stand out clearly against the background.