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academic project 2016

Prof. Renzo Vallebuona,
Prof. Dr. Georg Vrachliotis

awarded with Campus Masters annual winner 2nd prize

The island of Madonna del Monte is located in the northern venetian Lagoon next to the Island of Burano. Its story has been long and troubled. It began being a monastery, destined to be abandoned multiple times. After Napoleon had secularised Italy, the island was transformed into a gun power storage and the ruins that we can still see today belong to that era. Finally, in the 1960s Madonna del Monte was abandoned by the Italian military and sold to a private person. 

The new research centre for marine biology develops around the vanishing island. It does not aim to stop its disappearing, rather the new structure brings a change of paradigm. 

‘aqua alta’, the high tides of the lagoon, can flood the entire ground floor of the new building and the untouched ruins. But the old ruin is not only a decorating trifle. On the contrary, it serves as central infrastructural development for the new building, forming its inner court with a little garden.

The research centre will have laboratories and workspaces in the ground floor and accommodation for the fellows in the upper floor. 

Ground floor
First floor
© Hannes Siefert
© Hannes Siefert
Model detail
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© Hannes Siefert
Ruin garden
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