academic project urban planning 2014 Seoul (K)
supervisor: Prof. Kerstin Gothe

Suwon Plug-In was an Academic Project in cooperation with the Seoul National University, completed in April 2014. In a five days workshop in collaboration with Korean urban design students, we investigated how fast and uncontrolled growth have caused an unstructured cityscape and an unusable traffic system in the city of Suwon.

In the coming years, the city government plans to build a tramline crossing through the main road of Suwon. The Project ‘Suwon Plug-In’ shows what else will be needed to reactivate the heart of the city as an attractive place for living, working and spending free time.

The project proposes numerous solutions to develop the public spaces as new streets, sidewalks, squares, parks and pedestrian roads. It also proposes how to redefine the usage, density, appearance and shape of the neighbourhoods in the area. 

Furthermore it illustrates how the city government can profit from the ideas and the manpower of the inhabitants that already live in the area. In order to grow them accustomed to the changes that will take place during the different stages of the project, the people should be strongly include in the process.