academic project urban planning and landscape design
2013 Constance (D) Kreuzlingen (CH)

supervisor: Prof. Henri Bava

Constance and Kreuzlingen, are two different cities in two different states, but they share one lake and one shore. In no other part of the place this separation is so clearly tangible as in the area of ​​the train station and the waterfront Park, where the swiss-german border cuts right through the two cities.
The project begins right there and aims to create a connection where the border leaves an unusual, in-between, vague space.
A waterfront on two levels creates a link between the city center and the shore. In this way, the park acquires a new role where new living space is created.
Levels of meaning
The lake, the view, the shore and the alpine panorama, but also the peninsular city on the lake together with the German enclave on Swiss territory, form a background of meanings for the identity of the inhabitant of Constance. A link with Kreuzlingen, but also with the entire border region, can help clarify this identity of the place for the citizens living there and also for the tourists that come to visit.