Buchpreis concretedesigncompetition

Zusammenarbeit mit Johannes Blechschmidt

There is no better way of experiencing a substance than to touch it. The pure elegance of concrete, its different hues, granularity, and texture, the moulding-process – which, at its core is an architectural model – have all been merged, bringing forth an object that illuminates all these details.

The Project Tea Warmer – en beton brut is, therefore, an object of utility as well as a study on material and design that visualises its architectonical heritage. The durability of concrete shall prove useful for this monolithic structure so that it can withstand its everyday usage. Its heavy weight is useful as an energy storage and makes it sufficiently durable to carry almost any teapot. (The design does not implement steal reinforcement but relies on fibre, which is added to the concrete mixture to increase solidity).

In addition to the positive characteristics of the material and the aesthetics of the sculpture, its functionality has to be noted. After first experiments showed that the lower, big vents were not sufficient to provide adequate oxygen circulation with all sizes of pots, the upper vents were added; without lowering our sights with regards to heat storage. In this respect, the tea warmer is inspired by old Roman underfloor heating.

We think that this useful, fully functional sculpture of everyday use is ideal to give everybody an understanding of the elegance of concrete.